Année #2

Ensemble Erard-Charenton, Paris 12e du 08/09/2023 au 08/09/2024


jeudi 7 mars 2024 à 17 h 44

I’m really gra­te­ful I had this expe­rience, it means a lot to me. I arri­ved to Paris few weeks ago, and I want to build a life here. After a lot of dif­fi­culties that hap­pe­ned to me lately, this one hour on the roof­top meant a new period of my life. I’m glad I spent it without any­thing, just me. I thought a lot, I ana­ly­sed my body and I’m fee­ling ready for my new life here, in Paris. I connec­ted with this city, and also connec­ted to myself. It’s incre­di­ble, what I felt there. It’s hard to find a moment like this in our eve­ry­day life and I’m fee­ling so lucky and gra­te­ful !!!
Thank you so much ♡

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