Année #1, La Maison populaire

La Maison du parc du 02/10/2021 au 02/10/2022


samedi 1er octobre 2022 à 18 h 29

« This expe­rience, wat­ching the sun as it slowly drops from the blue sky, was like no other. Time passes slowly until I stop consi­de­ring time at all. The bright­ness is intense so in inter­vals I break and shut my eyes. It is red and the pat­terns of cir­cles appear each time. I think about this shape and warmth. It connects me to time. I can remem­ber fondly, my child­hood and this sen­sa­tion of sta­ring at the sun. My mind wan­ders and I consi­der many things. As the final moments pass and it disap­pears, I ima­gine my friends in Tokyo as it will rise. »


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